The Body Shop Swietenia Shower Gel (250 ml)

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The Body Shop

The Swietenia body shower gel by the Body Shop is a beautiful body wash to start your day with freshness and a nourished skin. The shower gel is made with the extracts of nourishing and exotic ingredients.

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Swietenia Shower Gel

Swietenia shower gel is made with the wholesomeness of Mahogany flower, bigarade leaf, and the orange flower. These tropical ingredients deliver a subtle fragrance of breeziness and a soft, supple after-shower skin. This shower gel is amazing to kick your day with a dose of freshness. The usage of this shower gel will exude a beautiful aura around you.

Key Benefits
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Refined, subtle fragrance
How to Use

Swietenia shower gel is perfect to use at the beginning of your day for an overload of breeziness. It is also great to use when you’re heading to your loving bed. This soothing gel will ensure a soothing and an exotically smelling sleep. Use it with a good quality loofa for a thick lather followed by the Swietenia body lotion and cologne for the best use.


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