The Body Shop Swietenia Body Lotion (250 ml)


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The exotic Swietenia lotion by the Body Shop is perfect to make your skin luscious and smooth. Created by the essence of the tropical flower, Swietenia it is one of the best sellers of the Body Shop.

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Swietenia Body Lotion

Swietenia lotion is a beautiful creation by the Body Shop. This lotion is extracted from the essence of the Mahogany flower. Swietenia lotion is a body lotion meant to provide nourishment and a hint of freshness. The goodness of orange flower and bigarade leaf in the lotion gives a sense of liveliness. Its subtle fragrance will keep you smelling like a dream all day.

Key Benefits
  • Thin consistency, non-greasy.
  • Formulated with tropical flowers
  • Floral, subtle fragrance.
  • Great nourishment.
How to Use

To get the best results from the Swietenia lotion, take a shower before heading out and apply a generous layer of the lotion all over your body. Layer other products from the Swietenia range to keep smelling beautiful all day.


When it comes to natural and high-quality products, The Body Shop remains as one of the best cosmetics brands. Owned by L’Oreal, it sells nearly 1,000 products, ranging from body butter, aromatherapy and spa items, to makeup and skincare products in its 3,000 stores located in about 66 countries. The Body Shop is popularly known for being a 100% vegetarian brand that’s also promoting cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products. It’s one of the very first brands to advocate for Fair Trade in the beauty industry. The Body Shop was founded in 1976, with only 25 products to sell and has since spread its wings in every direction including countries like Pakistan.


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