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The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine (50 g)

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Do you hate the unwanted frizzy hair which spoils your trendiest hairstyle? You don’t have to deal with them anymore because the Body Shop’s Coconut Oil hair Shine tames your baby hair and adds shine and smoothness to them.

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Coconut Oil Hair Shine

The little wavy baby hair which irritates you to bits can be tamed and brought down with The Body Shop’s Coconut Oil Hair Shine. The oil smoothens the hair and adds an attractive shine to them. There’s a slight scent of coconut in the oil. Once applied, it vanishes after imposing its effect on your hair. It leaves behind no stickiness. It can be washed off very easily by a hair wash.

Key Benefits
  • Non-sticky oil.
  • A balm for hair.
  • Conditions the hair.
  • Tames the frizzy hair.
  • Contains Samoa’s Virgin Coconut Oil.
  • Washes out very easily.
  • Adds life to dull and dry hair.
  • A subtle scent of the coconut.
  • Luxurious and creamy hair balm.
How To Use

The Body Shop’s Coconut Oil Hair Shine is super easy to apply. Take a small amount of the oil and apply it in the dry hair to get the best results. This will give your hair the needed moisture and shine along with the reduced frizzy hair.


Kicking off from a small startup by an enthusiastic woman, Dame Anita Roddick, she took the company to heights it would have always dreamt of achieving. What made The Body Shop different from the rest was its dedication and concern towards the conservation of the natural resources keeping in mind the product requirement of the customers.

She wanted to find a way of fulfilling the needs of the customers without affecting the natural habitat or the creatures living in it. It aimed at ethical collection and extraction of ingredients and thus provides pure and authentic products. The company has over 3000 stores throughout the world. It provides its products online as well as offline in developed and developing countries both. Countries like Pakistan have been marked as the ones which have shown huge acceptance of the products. Before the introduction of online purchase of The Body Shop’s products, the online makeup shopping in Pakistan was not very common.

Gradually as the people tried using The Body Shop online services, the trend of online makeup shopping in Pakistan shot up and thus added good and profitable sales for the company. The diverse range of their products available for all types of age groups and people of different choices, almost all of their products fulfill the needs of the people. Some of their popular products include The Body Shop Concealer, The Body Shop Lipsticks etc.


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