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Lush Butterball Bath Bomb (90 g)


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Soothe your dry skin while bathing with the butterball bath bomb by Lush. This moisturizing bath bomb will coat your skin with a light layer of hydration.

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Lush Butterball Bath Bomb

Butterball by Lush is a nurturing bath bomb that will reverse any damage or dryness on your skin with its nourishing ingredients. Butterball contains the caring cocoa butter and the soothing Ylang Ylang. Cocoa butter will wrap your body with a buttery coat while giving you an irresistibly delicious scent. While Ylang ylang will relieve your worked up nerves and transport you into a state of pure bliss and calm.

Key Benefits
  • Cruelty-free
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Goodness of ylang ylang
  • Enriched with cocoa butter
  • Features a delicious scent
  • Will calm your nerves and nourish your skin
How to Use

Prepare yourself for a bath time and drop this butterball in your bathing water. Watch it exude a plethora of calming colors that will create an oasis in your bath.


Headquartered at the UK, Lush is a luxurious body care and cosmetics brand. The brand has gained a lot of recognition and loyal customers owing to its top-notch quality. Lush is a relatively new company that started out as a retailer and then ended up starting their own line of premium quality products. In such a short span of time, Lush has become a household name due to its customer-centric company and amazing retailing channels. For instance, Lush sells fresh handmade cosmetics online in Pakistan and several countries.

Lush specialises in creams, shower gel, shampoo bars, soaps, lotions, masks and basically anything and everything that comes to mind when we think of hair, body and skin care. The USP of Lush is its bath bombs. These bath bombs are created with sodium bicarbonate, essential oils, and natural ingredients. Together these bath bombs create a fizzy effect in the bathtub making your bath luxurious and pampering. All these bombs come in a variety of flavors and get updated with every season. Along with bath bombs, Lush specialises in ‘toothy tabs” which are tablets of solid toothpaste. Given all these innovative products and the amazing reach to customers, Lush has excelled in the market.

Lush body products or online makeup in Pakistan, everything will be delivered to you smoothly. Don’t even worry about it there is a promise of 100% original cosmetics in Pakistan by Anceru. So, you will receive fresh handmade cosmetics original online in Pakistan while sitting comfortably at home.


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