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The Body Shop Brow & Lash Brush & Comb


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The Body Shop

Get the perfectly made eyebrows and attractive eyelashes by taming them gently with The Body Shop’s Brow and Lash Brush and Comb. This dual functional makeup tool separates your eyelashes after applying the mascara and gives a neat finish to your eyebrows.

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Brow & Lash Brush & Comb

Are you done with the sticky eyelashes that occur after applying the mascara and are impossible to separate? Well, The Body Shop gives you the best tool for the purpose, the Brow and Lash Brush and Comb. The attached brushed separates your eyelashes in perfect shape giving them the best mascara look. On the other hand, the comb is used to tame the eyebrows and to give a neat finish to your eyebrow shape.

Key Benefits
  • It is a dual functioning tool.
  • Helps in separating the eyelashes.
  • Gives a volume and shape to the eyelashes as well.
  • Tames the eyebrows by allowing you to comb through them perfectly.
  • Handy and comfortable.
  • Provides efficient results without any mess.
How To Use

To use the Body Shop’s Brow and Lash Brush and Comb is an amazing makeup tool and a must-have in your makeup kit. Therefore, use the comb side to fix and tame your eyebrows and use the brush side to separate the eyelashes that stick together after applying the mascara.


The much-known makeup and skin care company, The Body Shop was under the ownership of L’Oreal for almost 10 years in its initial years. It was found in Britain by Dame Anita Roddick in the year 1976. In 2017, the company was sold to Natura by L’Oreal.Therefore, at present, The Body Shop is under the ownership of Natura. Numerous unique facilities and features of the company make it better than the others in the competition. These features include the purity of their products and the method by which their ingredients are extracted. All the products offered by the company are 100% vegan.

Therefore, The Body Shop fulfills every condition to be on top of the game. With an experience of 42 years in the market, the company has surely come a long way. Its products and their effects have developed over time as per the necessity and requirements of the customers. They have expanded their network in 66 countries and employed more than 20k people in more than 3000 outlets. Each member of the company works towards the betterment and development of the products and the company both. They even provide doorstep online services to their customers in countries like Pakistan as well. As a matter of fact, finding makeup online in Pakistan was a very crucial task initially, but the current scenario tells that almost 90% of the makeup is sold online in Pakistan.


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