No matter what your skin type is, moisturizers should be in your daily routine. However, since different skin types have different needs, you need to make sure you use one that can address and treat your specific skin issues. For that reason, Anceru picked the best and most effective products with the best formulas and ingredients for you. A lot of these moisturizers can smooth your skin tone, reduce puffiness, and deliver a hint of pigment to make your skin look more even. Whether you have dry, acne-prone, sensitive or aging skin, you’ll surely find your match in this selection.

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Lush Celestial Moisturizer (45 g)

4,350.00 3,500.00

Lush Enzymion Moisturiser (45 g)

4,450.00 3,500.00

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser (50 ml)

4,380.00 3,700.00

Lush Imperialis Moisturizer (45 g)

4,400.00 3,700.00

Lush Skin Drink Facial Moisturizer (45 g)

4,750.00 3,900.00

The Body Shop Aloe Instant Soothing Rescue Gel (30 ml)

2,700.00 1,900.00

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Instant Smoother (30 ml)

3,850.00 3,000.00

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (50 ml)

2,410.00 2,100.00

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream (50 ml)

5,450.00 4,000.00

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Day Cream (50 ml)


The Body Shop Strawberry Smoothing Face Mist (60 ml)

1,650.00 1,400.00

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (50 ml)

3,000.00 2,000.00
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