About Anceru
It all started with a vision.

After a year of working in the e-commerce market in the UK, I had established a great vision regarding the beauty and makeup industry in Pakistan. I had a lot of ideas in mind and was already conceptualizing plans in my head.

Unfortunately, my vision turned to disappointment.

After lurking through the big cities like Karachi and Lahore, I witnessed how disappointing the industry was. The products were of really low quality and sub-standard. Anywhere you look, you’ll see cheap and fake products. That time, The Black Friday Market was making things worse and online platforms weren’t able to do anything about it.

There were very few platforms that sell authentic products and those platforms were selling their items at really high prices, making it more difficult for the people in Pakistan to access popular and high-quality brands. With that, people had no other option but to settle for fake but affordable products.

That’s when I knew change was necessary.

My name is Haroon and armed with my passion and the knowledge I gained during my stay in UK, I started Anceru. There are no shortcuts to making it big in this industry and that has become the foundation of my start-up.

Anceru.com was created to satisfy the thirst of smart ladies who don’t settle for anything less than they deserve. It’s for men and women who have keen eyes and know how to differentiate authentic from fake products simply because they aren’t willing to risk their skin or health. Anceru also aims to provide access to high-end products that aren’t typically available in Pakistan.

We’ve tied up with the best brands in cosmetics, skincare, hair care and bath and body to ensure the highest quality of our products. Because of that tie-up, you won’t have to worry about their authenticity or even how effective they are. Anceru and its team work hard to make sure that every product that goes out of its store is worth its consumer’s money.

There’s no need to worry about the price either. Every product sold at Anceru is guaranteed to fit your budget. As a visionary, my focus is to provide quality products that’ll boost the cosmetics market in Pakistan. Profit is the least of my concerns.

Currently, Anceru has a wide range of products meant for skin care, hair care, and makeup. Respecting diversity, these products can suit different skin types and skin color. There are also options depending on your age, gender, and preferences. You have access to all of those products in just a few clicks.

Anceru.com promises prompt and free delivery. We can get your orders to your front door within 4 days without asking for any payment. However, you should still consider location constraints. 


Selling 100% genuine products is the only way.


Anceru is built with the hopes of changing the makeup and beauty industry in Pakistan.