Choose a Fragrance That Suits You
05 Feb

Finding a new fragrance is always a hard decision as it’s such a personal choice, and what may smell amazing on someone else might not be as appealing to you. Wearing perfume can instil confidence and if you’re wearing one that suits you, you’re bound to be flooded with compliments. Read on to discover our top tips and tricks on how you can choose a fragrance that suits you.

1. Decide what your fragrance is for

Choosing a perfume can be overwhelming because there is simply so many on the market to browse through. Whilst pretty packaging is always worth admiring, don’t let an attractive bottle be the ultimate deciding factor as otherwise, you may end up with a scent which you don’t like or one that doesn’t suit you.

The first step to choosing a fragrance should be understanding what you want it for. Decide whether you want an evening fragrance, a daytime fragrance, a work appropriate fragrance or one for a special occasion such as a wedding. Wearing your everyday work fragrance to a special event will take all the luxury out of the perfume, so it’s important to build a collection of scents which suit different situations.

2. Determine your favourite scents

Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is you like about a fragrance, so when choosing a new one it’s best to go back to basics and determine your favourite scents generally. Think about all of your favourite flowers, do you prefer the smell of freesias or roses? Citrus scents or spicy scents?

You may want to go through some of your favourite existing perfumes to see what they use, and even more so look at fragrances you don’t like so you know what to avoid.

3. Consider the top notes, middle notes and base notes

Perfumes are typically designed to have top notes, middle notes and base notes. The top notes will be your first impression of the perfume, the strongest scents but often the ones that will fade the fastest. If you don’t like the top notes you will know instantly.

The middle notes often called the heart notes, are what you will notice once the top notes begin to fade and are generally inoffensive and pleasant scents. They can be fruity or floral with touches of spice.

The base notes provide the lasting impression of the fragrance and are the slowest to fade, coming out only after the top notes have completely dissipated.They are mostly rich scents such as sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

When choosing your perfume it’s important to look at all of the notes of the perfume. If you only pay attention to the top notes, your opinion of the fragrance may diminish as the hours go on.

4. Ask a friend

Sometimes the best way to find out whether a fragrance suits you is to simply ask someone else. Scents can smell differently on you to what you think, so going in for a second opinion is a good way to find out the truth. If your fragrance suits you to perfection, the chances are you will already know about it as you will receive many compliments!

Choosing a fragrance should be an enjoyable and pampering decision, not a stressful one. Pay attention to the ingredients, and look at what you already love and hate in order to find the perfect fragrance for you.

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