Keep Your Bold Lipstick On All Day
01 Feb

Whilst neutral lipsticks may fade subtly and evenly, a bold colour will always require a little more attention to ensure it lasts the distance. If you want to enjoy a bright and vibrant lipstick, without the hassle of having to touch it up every hour, read on to discover all the best tips on how to prolong your lipstick so it stays on all day.

Formulation is key

No lipstick was created equally, and you may find that some stay on much longer than others no matter your preparation and application technique. Choosing a long-lasting lipstick is the first step to ensuring your shade stays on all day.

Moisturising and creamy lipsticks generally adhere less easily to the lips so will fade much quicker than a drier formulation. Lip glosses and sheer lipsticks also disappear easier, so you’re best off choosing a matte, highly pigmented formula or a lipstick specifically marked as “long-lasting”.

However, choosing a drier lipstick makes preparation even more important as they can cause lips to flake and the colour to fade unevenly. If you suffer from dry lips already, it’s best to rehydrate and nourish your lips before even attempting a bold lipstick if you want a perfect pout.

Preparing your lips for lipsticks

No matter which lipstick you end up picking, prepping your lipsticks before application can make your bold colour stay on for much longer.

Start off by gently exfoliating your lips to ensure a smooth surface with no flakiness. An uneven lip surface will cause lipstick to clump on dry patches and flake off faster, so you want to make sure your lips are perfectly smooth beforehand.

Exfoliation can dry out the lips, so apply a moisturising lip balm to re-hydrate the lips and keep them looking healthy. You may also want to apply an additional lip primer which will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and will smooth the surface even more.

Once your lips are prepped and primed it’s time to move onto lipstick application.

Applying the lipstick

Rushing your lipstick application isn’t worth it, as it will only end up fading faster meaning more touch-ups. Take those few extra minutes to carefully apply your lipstick and you won’t have to worry about it throughout the day.

Lip liner is a must if you want your lipstick to last as it will not only create a base to work on top of, but will also ensure product doesn’t settle in the creases or bleed from the edges. If you don’t have a liner which perfectly matches your lipstick, always go for a shade lighter as opposed to darker and blend carefully. Alternatively, you can invest in a clear liner which will work with every shade. Lip liners also help to define your lip shade for a plumper pout so is a step that shouldn’t be skipped.

When you apply your lipstick over your liner, use a lip brush instead of the bullet for a more precise finish. You can also achieve lighter layers with a lip brush which is particularly important if you want your bold lipstick to last all day.

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